Casper Balslev

Danish music video director and photographer Casper Balslev lives and works in Copenhagen and London. He has a background in photojournalism.

As a photographer Casper Balslev is an avid disciple of pop culture, relentlessly exploring our urban jungles –from Tokyo to L.A.– documenting the people, places and phenomena which define our cityscapes and our common psyche.

In 2006, his reportorial photographs from the New Orleans disaster were exhibited at the annual
‘Young Danish Photography’ exhibition at the Copenhagen Photographic Center. His stylized landscape photographs captured the haunting calm in the midst of overwhelming natural and human disaster.

Casper Balslev has directed music videos for, amongst others, Sydney-based The Presets, Marina and the Diamonds, M0, Ladyhawke and Danish heavy metal band Hatesphere.