Yoni Lappin

Yoni Lappin is a London-based director and photographer. His intimate character studies of youth culture have become his signature. Yoni has collaborated with cutting-edge performers including A$AP Rocky, Mura Masa and NAO. His talent for capturing nuanced and truthful moments in his videos has led him naturally into the world of music and fashion. His background includes living in Israel, New York and ultimately London.

His video for Mura Masa and A$AP Rocky’s “Love$ick” has reached over 24 million views since its release. The video challenges the conventions of a traditional hip hop video by elegantly portraying a day of youthful misadventures between three friends in London. “1 Night” is his latest video for Mura Masa and Charli XCX, which ignites feelings of the awkward yet exhilarating state of young love, awash with sumptuous colors and his typically exquisite and diverse cast. “1 Night” was featured in Billboard and Rolling Stone.

“What If I Go?” – nominated for a UK Music Video Award 2016 – was the first in a highly praised video trilogy he directed for the artist. Yoni’s photographic sensibilities are heavily at play – filmed in a square 1:1 aspect ratio, with GIFs edited in, “What If I Go?” brings the conventions of Instagram to a music video.

Yoni’s video for NAO’s “Girlfriend” treads the territory he navigates so well with a dreamy and moody story of young love shot on 35mm in North London. As the video opens we drift through a concrete overpass scattered with eerily still figures until we land on the couple featured in the video.

Yoni signed with RSA and Black Dog Films in Spring 2017 and is focusing on doing what he does best: interesting and challenging storytelling in music videos and commercials, and never playing it safe. As a kid he enjoyed throwing crab apples at passing cars in New York until one day he got caught and realized this was a bad idea.
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