The Ummah Chroma

The Ummah Chroma (TUC) is a directing collective consisting of Terence Nance, Jenn Nkiru, and Bradford Young, formed with the intention to create, elevate and preserve authentic Black narratives and perspectives in all media, including advertising, television, cinema and art.

Their most recent work is the powerful documentary film KILLING IN THY NAME in collaboration with Rage Against the Machine. The film is framed around the band’s iconic protest anthem “Killing in the Name”, and aims to be a fire escape from the fiction known as whiteness and a spring for discovery.

Previous credits for The Ummah Chroma, which was originally conceived in its first iteration by Young, Nance, Nkiru, editor Marc Thomas, and musical artist and producer Kamasi Washington, include the short film “As Told To G/D Thyself,” which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize.

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