Giorgio Testi

Giorgio Testi has built a career directing and creating cinematic live films that tell unique stories and create genuine connections between artists and audiences. Recently, Giorgio’s love of experimentation and exploring new ways to develop his talents creatively, came together Directing the incredible live action elements of the global phenomenon that is Guitar Hero Live for games giant Activision, which launches internationally October 2015.

MVA nominated for his work for Blur, Richard Ashcroft, The Killers and Savages, Grammy nominated for directing Blur’s ‘Live at Hyde Park’ show and 2014 MUVI award winner for Savages’ ‘Fuckers’. Giorgio has successfully harnessed his diverse talents into working with global advertising brands and clients.

Throughout his well documented career, Giorgio has worked with some of the most culturally important and innovative bands in the world including Rolling Stones, The Killers, Oasis, Sting, Amy Winehouse, Adele & Ellie Goulding to mention a few as well as collaborating with iconic global brands such as Adidas, Sony, Converse, Vevo, RedBull and Jack Daniels.