Dent De Cuir

Dent De Cuir is a half-French / half-Canadian duo of directors. Popular for their music videos and interactive projects, the duo integrates unique visual effects to create a new and bold visual experience; originating from their interest in popular culture as well as the social relationship between people and new media. With a strong art direction background and a graphic perspective; Dent De Cuir has been acknowledged for their hands-on and experimental approach.

Their work has received accolades from festivals all around the globe such as SWSX (USA), UKMVA (UK), BMVA (Germany), Milano Film Festival , International Music Film Festival, Madrid Fashion Film Festival and featured in various creative medias such as Nowness, Vice/Noisey, Arte, Konbini, Ukf, Buzzfeed, CreativeReview, Fluctuat, .NET magazine, Digg and Wall Mag.