Rodney Passé

Rodney Passé is an American artist and director. Inspired by poetry and his native Brooklyn, his films are gentle, lyrical depictions of fatherhood, spirituality and black joy.

He began his career in music videos, working alongside Kahlil Joseph with then-emerging artists, including SZA. In 2020, he broke out with his short, ‘Where Are the African Gods?’, a meditative vision of black masculinity, told from the perspective of American men and their sons. The film screened at the UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles, and earned him a Vimeo Staff Pick.

After moving into commercials, he directed ‘Finding Your Groove’ for Lincoln, a playfully musical ad starring Jon Batiste that debuted during the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Then in 2022, he directed ‘Life of Photos’ for Google Pixel, a sweeping, emotional portrait of a new father and all the life experiences awaiting his newborn son. As well as the video for ‘Titanic’ by Earl Sweatshirt, and ‘The Promise’, an emotional suite of commercials for Indeed following different job-seekers trying to make it. His solo art show, ‘Between Hell and Dreamstate’ is set to open in 2023.

Rodney has also directed commercials for Gucci, Cadillac, Apple and ESPN. He is currently based in New York.