Losmose is a young Mexico City-born screenwriter, poet and film director. His unique directing style creates emotional and compelling stories; using visual effects, formats, sound and camera movements in an unparalleled fashion.

Losmose has been working alongside director Daniel Wolfe and most recently co-directed with him the Coca-Cola commercial, “One Coke Away From Each Other”.

He then directed a music video for Colombian electronic music artist Ela Minus out on Domino Records. A video drawing from Ela Minus’ real life events in which she spent 4 days in a coma. This deeply emotional and unsettling film has been categorized as innovative and striking for its structure, storytelling and visual style.

His music video work started when collaborating with “underground” New York hip-hop artists such as Gabe ‘Nandez, Elucid (from Armand Hammer), Adé Hakim, Radamiz and Sporting Life (from Ratking).

He has as well been directing narrative short films since the age of 15 years old, and after recently receiving the mentoring of legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog, is now making his first feature film in Mexico with a cast of nonprofessional actors, to be shot on celluloid with the central use of natural light. A moving and transcendental film about Humanity, Nature and Madness.

Love Song