Reed + Rader

Reed + Rader is creative team Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader. From Ohio and Pennsylvania, their powers combined in the early 2000s. They direct films, gifs and virtual reality experiences set in virtual environments. Their work is fun, colorful, wild and lets viewers escape to magical worlds where cats are rideable and dinosaurs dance. They notably helped to establish the GIF as a photographic medium commercially and editorially in the 2000s. Mom and Dad to 6 cats, 1 human (Enceladus Seven), basketball fans, farmers on the weekend, live in Brooklyn, NY. Most recently they collaborated with Charli XCX & Diplo on “Spicy”.

Shout out to our cats: Xanadu Pluto, Goblin, Toes, Essy (RIP 1994-2014), FiFi Bofinkles (2001-2017) and Brother Bear (2009-2018).

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