JONJON is an animation artist & director. He has developed his own set of uniquely styled hand-drawn animation techniques. He began studying visual art in ’95 and traditional animation in ’97. His work features special attributes of – speed, powerful imagery, elegant narratives, and appealing transitions. Past collaborators include: P!NK, KINA BEATS, FLORA CASH, MUSTAFA THE POET, HXOUSE / XO & THE WEEKND, as well as KID KOALA. Past brand partnerships include: SONY MUSIC, RCA RECORDS, COLUMBIA RECORDS, TWITTER, TORONTO RAPTORS, GIANTS OF AFRICA, NINTENDO, PLAYSTATION and XBOX. In the 2013-2014 film circuit, one of his
short films qualified and advanced to the Shortlist stage (top 10) of the Oscars race in the animated shorts category.

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