With no traditional upbringings in art or Film school backgrounds Aus and Marleaux create with the intention of breaking the boundaries. The two have been directing videos together and separately since 2016 Both directors are members & founders of a multifaceted audio visual creative collective known as ILLIMITÉWORLD. The collective is comprised of directors animators music producers and artists and is constantly adapting and expanding its creative alliances.

Between 2016-17, the duo spent numerous months in France. Traveling between Baltimore, Los Angeles & Paris is how the collective’s taste in cinema was refined. From original pieces to entire creative rollouts for recording artists like Paris Texas & Uno Hype, Aus & Marleaux have had their hands in an array of projects. The two eventually stumbled into becoming the Creative Directors of record label / creative company HARDPINK Records based in Los Angeles, California.

“The world is y(ours)” is a mantra used by the group used as a reminder that each artistic offering is a view in to the world of their imaginations. Using An experimental combination of classical cinema, creative animation, and raw documentary style filmmaking. They share with viewers an avant garde perspective of the modern world. Illimitéworld aspires to raise the bar of quality among the landscape of independent artists.

Love Song