Edgar Wright

With their spectacular precision and visual wit, Edgar Wright’s movies have been embraced by genre fans, arthouse cinephiles, and popcorn moviegoers alike. He has a singular talent for generating pure joy in his work.

The mastermind behind the so-called Cornetto Trilogy of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End (2013), as well as the cult favorite British comedy series “Spaced” (Channel 4 1999-2001), Wright first became known for his collaborations with actor/writer Simon Pegg, but soon established himself as a gifted filmmaker in his own right through quirky, inventive works like video game homage Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (2010), his script for Marvel Universe blockbuster Ant-Man (2015), car chase epic Baby Driver (2017), and his latest film, the kaleidoscopic psycho-thriller love letter to Swinging ’60s London, Last Night in Soho (2021).

Wright grew up in rural England, so obsessed with Star Wars and horror films that in his early teens, he made his own movies with a second-hand 8mm camera. Just as he fused fresh, brilliant comedy with solid horror and action production values, Wright himself combined a love of movies with old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity from the very beginning, making primitive movies with his classmates and friends with money made stocking shelves at a supermarket after school. Considering his inspired fake horror film trailer in the middle of the B-movie tribute Grindhouse (2007), Wright never lost sight of his original love of all movies, big and small.

He has also turned his epic vision to commercials and music videos with his latest, Squarespace’s 2022 Super Bowl commercial, a spoof on the classic tongue-twisting Sally’s Seashells, featuring Zendaya and Andre300, a world-turning (literally) spot for Nike featuring Kevin Hart, Bill Nye, Simone Biles and many more and richly detailed and colorful music videos for Beck and Pharrell Williams.

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