The Malloys

About This Project


Brothers Brendan and Emmett Malloy found worldwide buzz when they began making films with their famous surfer cousins that showcased the lifestyle, music, and beauty of the sport. They created their own unique brand of surfing films and their talents developed so quickly that their first feature, “Thicker Than Water,” was instantly Surfer Magazine’s Movie of the Year.

Following this success, the Malloys turned their attention toward the world of music videos where they rapidly established their talent as video directors, working with many diverse artists. Their video for the Foo Fighter’s “Breakout” put the Malloys on the map, for which they won Best Directorial Debut at the Music Video Production Awards. Their music video success continued with Blink 182’s “Rock Show” for which they won best rock video at the 2001 MTV Europe Awards, and nominations for Director of the Year at the 2004 and 2006 MVPAs.

More recent work includes N.E.R.D, Vampire Weekend, The Raconteurs, Wolfmother, The Cold War Kids, Empire Of The Sun, Jack Johnson co-starring Ben Stiller, Metallica, Matt Costa, Jimmy Eat World, The Kooks and Japanese Motors. Their range extends from the hilarious cross-promotion work done with Will Ferrell performing “Afternoon Delight” from the hit film “Anchorman” to the bittersweet video done for The Shins “New Slang” which was featured in the award-winning film “Garden State”.

In 2009 the Malloys directed the Grammy nominated full-length documentary on the White Stripes called “Under Great White Northern Lights.” In 2012, they produced HBO’s critically acclaimed cinema-vérité-series “ON: Freddie Roach” and in 2013, took home a Grammy for “The Big Easy Express” which featured Edward Sharpe. In 2014, they produced “Shaun White: Russia Calling,” a documentary for NBC that aired in prime time leading up to the Winter Olympics.