Emilie Badenhorst

“As a theatre graduate from the University of Cape Town, Emilie gently translates this dramaturgical realm onto the screen, and the result is a rich, intimate, sensual and intriguing style. She has since written, conceptualized and directed a number of film projects, including Bubblegum, a fashion film for a clothing label. Commercially, Emilie has directed projects for brands such as Bonobo Jeans, Puma and Woolworths, as well as multiple music videos and short films. 

Emilie has a true understanding of performance and strives to express our intimate human need for connection with one another. Her aim is for the viewer to have a visceral experience of what it means to be human. Emilie was recently nominated as one of the top 5 new female directors to watch in South Africa by the advertising & creative showcase, Between 10 & 5.”

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