Chris Sims

About This Project


Director Christopher Sims came of age in the feverish L.A. punk scene of the mid- to late ’90s. He discovered photography in high school, where he spent every available hour in the darkroom, then dropped out of college to write and direct a semi-autobiographical no-budget feature about suburban youth living in defiance of the status quo. Sims soon began touring with bands in the L.A. hardcore scene, shooting constantly, and fashioning music videos and documentaries out of the cascade of raw footage – an edge and energy he carried forward into his prolific music video and commercial work.

To date, Sims has directed over 50 videos and a dozen long-form documentaries for everyone from platinum artists like Usher, Ludacris, Avril Lavigne, Stone Temple Pilots, Keane, and Ne-Yo (Let Me Love You, nominated for two MVPA awards) to emerging stars like A Great Big World and Cassie (King of Hearts, which won the MVPA award for best R&B video of the year). Known as a hands-on filmmaker, he’s often seen operating camera, and frequently edits his own projects.